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To use the Service, the User can open an account by providing all the requested data and information in a complete and truthful manner.
It is also possible to use the Service without registering or creating an account. In this case, however, certain functions may not be available.

It is the Users’ responsibility to securely store their login credentials and maintain confidentiality. To this end, Users must choose a password that corresponds to the highest level of security available on www.fontanabags.it.

By creating an account, the User agrees to be fully responsible for any activity carried out with their login credentials.
Users are required to immediately and unequivocally inform the Data Controller via the contact details provided in this document if they believe that their personal information, such as their User account, login credentials, or personal data, have been violated, unlawfully disclosed, or stolen.

Account Closure

The User is free to close their account and cease using the Service at any time by following this procedure:

  • Contacting the Data Controller at the contact details provided in this document.

Account Suspension and Deletion

The Data Controller reserves the right to suspend or delete a User’s account at any time at its discretion and without notice in the following cases:

  • The User has violated these Terms; and/or
  • Access to www.fontanabags.it by the User may cause harm to the Data Controller, other Users, or third parties; and/or
  • The use of www.fontanabags.it by the User may result in violations of laws or regulations; and/or
  • In case of judicial investigations or government procedures; and/or
  • If the User’s account or its use is considered, at the sole discretion of the Data Controller, inappropriate, offensive, or contrary to these Terms.

The suspension or deletion of the account does not entitle the User to any compensation, refund, or indemnity.
The suspension or deletion of an account due to causes attributable to the User does not exempt the User from paying any applicable fees or prices.

Content on www.fontanabags.it

Unless otherwise specified or clearly recognizable, all content available on www.fontanabags.it is owned by or provided by the Data Controller or its licensors.

The Data Controller takes the utmost care to ensure that the content available on www.fontanabags.it does not violate applicable laws or third-party rights. However, it is not always possible to achieve this result.
In such cases, without prejudice to legally enforceable rights and claims, Users are requested to address their complaints to the contact details specified in this document.

Rights on Content of www.fontanabags.it

The Data Controller holds and expressly reserves all intellectual property rights to the aforementioned content.

Users are not authorized to use the content in any way that is not necessary or implicit in the correct use of the Service.

In particular, but not limited to, Users are prohibited from copying, downloading, sharing beyond the limits specified below, modifying, translating, processing, publishing, transmitting, selling, sublicensing, transforming, transferring/assigning to third parties, or creating derivative works from the content available on www.fontanabags.it, or allowing third parties to undertake such activities through their own User account or device, even unwittingly.

Unless expressly indicated on www.fontanabags.it, Users are authorized to download, copy, and/or share certain content available on www.fontanabags.it exclusively for personal and non-commercial purposes and provided that attribution of authorship of the work is observed as well as the indication of any other relevant circumstances required by the Data Controller.

The limitations and exclusions provided for by copyright law remain in force.

Access to External Resources

Through www.fontanabags.it, Users may have access to resources provided by third parties. Users acknowledge and agree that the Data Controller has no control over such resources and therefore is not responsible for their content and availability.

The conditions applicable to resources provided by third parties, including those applicable to any grants of rights to content, are determined by the third parties themselves and governed by their respective terms and conditions or, in their absence, by law.

Permitted Use

Www.fontanabags.it and the Service may only be used for the purposes for which they are offered, according to these Terms and under the applicable law.

It is solely the User’s responsibility to ensure that the use of www.fontanabags.it and/or the Service does not violate the law, regulations, or the rights of third parties.

Therefore, the Data Controller reserves the right to take any measures deemed appropriate to protect its legitimate interests, including denying the User access to www.fontanabags.it or the Service, terminating contracts, reporting any objectionable activity carried out through www.fontanabags.it or the Service to the competent authorities – e.g. judicial or administrative authorities – whenever the User engages in or there is suspicion of engagement in:

  • violations of law, regulations, and/or the Terms;
  • infringements of third-party rights;
  • actions that may significantly prejudice the legitimate interests of the Data Controller;
  • offenses against the Data Controller or a third party.